Hospitality Cards are in a pilot stage, using Subway cards, to establish the potential for a much larger program. Currently, these cards are helping to feed between 5 and 10 people in Seattle.

NWH Kits are designed around a Universal Kit and several Accessory kits. The Universal kit is filled with generally useful health and hygiene supplies while the accessory kits are specialized for Feminine Hygiene, Youth, Pet, and Seasonal needs (some still being developed).

Haircut Vouchers are distributed to individuals as we have the funds to support them. Recipients can use these vouchers anywhere to request haircut services with dignity at a time and place of their pleasure.

All programs and and kit distribution are funded by your generous donations.


Universal Hospitality Kits

This kit contains generally useful health & hygiene products as well as a couple snack items and a list of local resources.


Purchase kit supplies here and receive exactly what you need to put your own together. Prices listed are based on an average $8/kit and are adjusted to cover Paypal's processing fees and shipping to your location. Kit supply orders will be received by NWH and packaged to match your order. Any excess items - there are often a few extras when ordering in bulk - will be kept by NWH for inclusion in kits we put together unless otherwise specified during your order.

After ordering here you can expect an email to verify details of exactly what you need.

Number of kits


Feminine Hygiene Accessory Kits

Our feminine hygiene accessory kit is designed to augment the Universal kit with essentials for women.

Kit Contents (details on the financial page in the expenses sheet):
14 sanitary napkins, 1 package wipes, anti-itch cream, 4 hair ties.


Hospitality Cards

Each Hospitality Card will be pre-loaded with $5-15 and distributed with the Universal Hospitality Kits and a note informing the receiver that the card will be reusable. On as regular a schedule as possible, depending on available funds and number of cards in circulation, these cards will be re-funded.

Long-term, NWH will be constantly searching for alternatives to the Subway card that will allow greater flexibility for the end user. Ideally we will set up a partnership with a debit card manufacturer and design a card specifically for this purpose.

The following attributes are some options we will be looking to incorporate into the final card:

  1. Fundable from NWH accounts without tracking end-user demographics.

  2. Usable in multiple locations: grocery stores, restaurants, fast food establishments, pharmacies.

  3. Card use restricted to purchase non-adult items only: no alcohol or tobacco products.

  4. Card use restricted from peer-to-peer transactions. This might be an inconvenience but it would help limit drug and other illicit transactions.

  5. A QR code on each card would allow generous passersby to donate funds directly to that specific card by simply taking a picture with their phone and sending it money using any number of payment apps.

  6. Return address on each card to aid with recovery of lost or unused cards.

  7. Consider spending limits. Example structure: $30 per day ($10 max/purchase???); one day every two weeks card has $100 limit (designed for grocery store/pharmacy trip).

  8. Ability to add hotel-stay vouchers to cards as expendable items.

  9. Feature to allow user to view card balance and other info (hotel vouchers, spending history?) online without requiring sign-in.

Haircuts for Our Homeless Neighbors


It may be necessary to refresh the page after redeeming a voucher through the form in order to see the validation or redemption status.

Thank you for serving our neighbors so generously!

This program is taking a while to hit its stride but it doesn’t cost us anything to keep trying so we’re going to stay on it until it catches on. Vouchers are distributed and the recipient can take that voucher in to ANY salon or barber shop in the state.

The retailer has just a little bit of extra work: they have to log into our site to validate and redeem the voucher. We will get a notification and call them up to pay for services rendered. Any discounts will be recorded for tax deduction.

For more details, reference our partner page which goes through the details of the process a bit more thoroughly.