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If you are homeless or struggling to keep off the street, we are here to do what we can for you.

Please consider sharing your story with us or send a request that we will do our best to accommodate. Special Projects volunteers can work to support almost any request we receive.

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Curated Resources

This is the database we use to create the curated resource lists that we distribute in our hospitality kits. We would love to hear any feedback you can provide, please contact us, thank you!

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Highlighted Resources

Print your own local resource lists

Find your county in the two lists below (Page 1 & Page 2) then save each page as a pdf and print two-sided. Each page will yield, when cut in half, two locally-curated resource lists ready for distribution. Please let us know if you see any resources missing or if your county has large open spaces on the list we have some work to do filling it out before it's ready for distribution, just let us know! Thank you :)