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As always, all donations and transactions will be fully visible on our Financial Details page (no personal information will ever be posted but contact us for your Donor ID and you'll be able to see your personal impact).

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Program Donations

Hospitality Kits  /  Food Cards  /  Haircut Vouchers

Make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations here:

100% of program donations are used to purchase kit contents and fund Hospitality Cards and Haircut Vouchers.

Paypal deducts a fee equal to 2.2% + $0.30 from each transaction but these fees are offset from NWH’s operating cost budget at the end of each year.

Many banks have a "Bill Pay" option we encourage you to look into. They will send us a check every month with NO FEES removed!

Should you desire to send a check, please make it out to Northwest Hospitality and send care of Anton Preisinger to PO Box 1152, Olalla, WA 98359-1152

To see more ways to donate and the pros and cons of all our options, please read Deep Dive Chapter 2: Donation Options, a blog we posted to share all the details with you.

Live Raffle!

ALL proceeds to directly support NWH’s programs!

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Donate On Amazon or Ebay

Find Northwest Hospitality on Amazon Smile and Amazon will direct a portion of your purchase to our mission, at no extra cost to you!

Raise money for Northwest Hospitality through our eBay for Charity page! Or find something to buy/donate something to sell in our eBay store!

Operating Cost Donations

Website Hosting    Business Licenses    Taxes Management Tools

Use this PayPal link to donate to our Operating Cost Account

Northwest Hospitality separates our operating cost budget from our program budget to put the power in your hands to decide exactly where your money goes. Operating costs are unavoidable so we can't emphasize our gratitude enough if you decide to support us in this way. 

Occasionally operating cost funds are directly used to fund our programs, for example if we are just a bit short to cover supplies or hospitality cards, but program funds will never be directed to anything but our programs.

Send Kit Supplies

Another great way to support Northwest Hospitality is by sending kit supplies directly to us so we can assemble the kits and get them distributed. Monetary donations will be more cost effective over all, but if you have some supplies available then we'd love to get them out to the people. Alternatively, please consider getting some friends together and creating your own kits!

Please send supplies, care of Northwest Hospitality, to PO Box 1152, Olalla, WA 98359-1152

If you have a question about whether a particular item will be appropriate for the kits, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Contribute Fundraiser Prizes

Events and campaigns for NWH fundraising make use of donated items to encourage participation and drive donations. If you are an artist, musician, have a small business, or have any other suggestions, send an email to or reach us through our contact us page.

Donated items may be raffled, auctioned, or sold directly with donor wishes being taken into consideration. Values can also be assigned to donated items for tax deduction purposes.

If you donate and want to have your website/info advertised here on the NWH site (as seen below), we would be happy to share links and images...we can't profess to be effective advertising but we will certainly do what we can :)

Featured Fundraiser Prize Contributors

Service Disclaimer: All programs may be active within the boundaries of Washington State and donations may be applied to a program anywhere in the state unless the donation is specifically linked to a project or event.