Good News X2!

Articles on two great programs being proposed in Washington State: 

Seattle Mayor Wants to Use Money From Land Sale for Homeless

It's encouraging to see a proposal like this from Seattle's new administration. They are hoping to direct $11 million from a property sale in South Lake Union toward housing homeless and getting people off the streets for good. They call Seattle's homeless situation a "crisis" and that's putting it lightly. The article doesn't make any mention of what the $11 million might have gone toward in the absence of the mayor's proposal, but even if it isn't accepted by the council it's still nice to see the attempt.

Washington Lawmakers Propose College Pilot Program To Accommodate Homeless Students



The college pilot program for increasing assistance to homeless students is very exciting. Access to education, including helping with a place to live and other aid, is invaluable and would surely turn a lot of lives around.