You, our lovely donors, incurred $112.20 in payment fees during the 2017 calendar year. "But wait," I hear you say, "I thought that account was 100% efficient!" Well, we do our best, but we can't keep PayPal from taking its cut. We can, however, try to offset those fees with funds from our operating cost account to offer our Card & Kit donors a truly 100% efficient donation option. 

It is extremely rare for a nonprofit to be able to offer such an option to its donors and we are very proud to be able to do so. That said, this might not be an option every year. This year, in fact, we are going to be short when it comes time to have our taxes completed. This process cost $400 last year and, after this transfer to cover fees in the Card & Kit account, we have $181.36 left in the operating cost account. It is very important to NWH to offer the option of having no fees removed from a donor's contribution because we believe that this option will eventually attract many new donors. Therefore, the NWH leadership is willing to cover the operating cost difference to make it happen...but you could help NWH meet its financial needs with a donation to our operating costs right now. It doesn't have to be a large donation, especially if you share this opportunity with your friends and family, and tell them all about our incredible mission and effective programs! 

Operating Cost Account Donations
Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!

Operating costs are essential for Northwest Hospitality to function. We operate with very low overhead but still have to pay for our domain, website hosting, business licenses, post office box, secretary of state filing, and other small costs. All of these are detailed, for perusal at your convenience, in our expenses database.

The great thing is that we will scale incredibly efficiently from where we are now. We are already paying most of the fees we'll have to even as we grow, so as we earn more Card & Kit donations throughout the year our Programs:Operations ratio will soar!

Thank you, as always, for all your support.