Eco-friendly Adjustments


One of Northwest Hospitality's three programs is our Hospitality Kits. Our kits consist of health and hygiene essentials in a package that's easy to distribute from a backpack or car. It's our goal that the simplicity, convenience, and efficacy of our kits will encourage people to take a step toward helping their neighbors where they might otherwise balk due to concerns over how their contribution might be misused.

While we try to help our neighbors directly, it has become a growing concern of ours that we might be contributing negatively to those very neighbors, and everyone else, through the waste our kits produce. Each kit is contained in a gallon zipper bag and has another zipper bag inside holding the first aid kit together. Aside from that, we provide a 13 gallon trash bag.

These items, the zipper bags and the trash bag, are the low hanging fruit, if you will, so they form the focus of our recent research into biodegradable replacements. Amazon has some good options that will not effect the cost of each kit too significantly. As soon as we work through our inventory, we will be changing our contents up slightly to decrease our negative impact on the environment. If you have any input or suggestions for us we'd love to listen!