Six Pack Philosophy Episode Featuring NWH

Northwest Hospitality’s Founding Director, Anton Preisinger, is a huge Podhead…he just can’t listen to enough podcasts. One of his favorites is Six Pack Philosophy because of their thoughtful and respectful discussions of everything philosopolitic (hey, I just came up with that word and I’m sticking with it!) and beer! :)

Six Pack Philosophy recently recorded a great episode, at Anton’s request, covering many aspects of the ancient pandemic of homelessness and its implications for society. You can listen to this episode, Right to Shelter, here. They even mention Anton and discuss Northwest Hospitality a bit! Please note: There is a little language in this episode that may not be appropriate for children and, if you seek out more of their episodes as we encourage you to do, there are some topics and additional language that should be screened prior to sharing with any sensitive people.

Big thanks to Anastasia, John, and Mike for their effort in putting this episode together and for letting Anton and Northwest Hospitality participate in their show! They also share many of their episodes on their YouTube channel.

six pack philosophy.png