What does our grant process look like right now?

We have recruited a number of excellent volunteers to help with our grant writing and it's been moving steadily along. We currently have 4 pending applications including one for which Anton went to Tacoma for an in-person meeting just yesterday. The meeting seemed to go very well but they won't make a decision until the end of June. If that foundation decides to support us, that grant will pay for about 70 haircut vouchers in the Tacoma area which would be a great way to kick off that program.

We missed out on one application because we were lacking a financial review or audit which is something we'll be looking into getting done so we can take advantage of those opportunities in the future. A financial review, however, will run us at least $2-3,000 and an audit will likely break $8,000 so our operating budget is going to need a bit of a boost before we can make a reach for those resources.

An up-to-date summary of all our grant efforts is available for your perusal on our operations page.