Homeless Facilities

craig-whitehead-253939-unsplash Porta-potty.jpg

Everybody deserves to have a private, clean place to use the restroom. Our neighbors are forced to seek out bathrooms from often unwelcoming businesses or are reduced to using nature with no other options. Northwest Hospitality is placing porta-potties in locations with high populations of people living in the street to provide this basic necessity.

Each location will cost about $150/month, if we aren’t able to negotiate any discounts, possibly more if we determine more frequent service is required or spring for a model with a built-in sink which would be great to add.

This program is one of our first Special Projects. Only funds specifically earmarked toward this purpose will be used to support it; none of our other program funds will be diverted to this project. Operating costs may be used to support this project if necessary. If we end up with funds for this project that cannot be used because we don’t have locations, or other unforeseen circumstances prevent us from maintaining the project, the funds may be diverted to our primary programs (hospitality kits, cards, and haircuts) as a last resort.

Please help us find donations and supporters so that we can extend this very basic dignity to our homeless neighbors!

Thank You!