New Year, New Tax Receipt Plan

For the past couple of years Northwest Hospitality has emailed payment receipts with each donation that are not tax receipts, opting instead to send out one official tax letter covering all deductible contributions for each year. This January you can expect an official tax letter, through the post, that covers all of 2018 but for all donations in 2019 the receipts you receive will be your official tax emails. Some donations may not be tax deductible and that will be reflected in the notifications. Non-deductible contributions include any time your donation purchased anything (raffle tickets, auction items, items from the eBay store, or a donated item that was used as a fundraiser) or if your donation was processed through PayPal’s Giving Fund or another third-party fundraiser who will be the organization issuing a tax receipt for that contribution.

Each letter will include the amount of donation and whether it is deductible or not as well as running totals of annual donations (deductible and not) and all-time donations (deductible and not). We hope this change will help you visualize your impact and reduce some tax-related workload on our end as we earn support from more and more donors. As always, you will be able to view all of your donation information on our website using your unique donor id (noted in your receipt emails) so if you opt out of email notifications you can obtain your tax deduction information that way as well. We will be creating a new view specifically for looking up annual deductions.

You don’t have to do anything through this change, just sit back and be proud of the work you are enabling through your generosity…well, I guess you could tell everybody you know but we’ll be improving your tax reporting tools regardless :)

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