Handmade Cutting Board Raffle (and test of new online raffle platform)

Northwest Hospitality is testing out a new online raffle platform, RallyUp.com, to see if we should use it for our annual benefit this year.

You can enter to win this awesome cutting board, handmade at Franklin Highschool ("size-reference" chocolate included…naturally), to support our emergency smoke mask program this year. We'll be working to get masks to people who don't or can't shelter when (hopefully if...) the wildfire smoke rolls in. We are hoping to raise at least $4,500 in the next few weeks to purchase masks.

Drawing for this cutting board is on 6/13!

If you're on your phone you can also text 'Cuttingboard' to 855-202-2100 to have the raffle link sent to your phone...or just click below (RallyUp maybe has too many features...)

The raffle starts at 10 entries for $5 but if you just want a couple we can sell entries offline: 1 entry for $1 :)

Please share this link far and wide so we can sell lots of entries and purchase more smoke masks for our neighbors. More info on that project here: https://www.nwhospitality.org/seasonal-masks

If this is a successful campaign you can look forward to our much larger raffle with drawings at our annual benefit on Oct. 7th :)

Thank you!