Anton's Nerding out on a Podcast

I was invited to share NWH’s management database on a podcast I listen to, BuiltOnAir. I walk through a lot of the base (not all by any means…) with BuiltOnAir’s host Zoe and I really enjoyed the experience.

It starts out a bit rocky on my part but once I get talking about the base and how everything comes together it’s a great look into how Northwest Hospitality operates and the care we put into managing things for the people we serve as well as our wonderful donors :)

You can enjoy the audio but if you want to walk through the base with us then you can watch on YouTube. They’re both available on the BuiltOnAir Episode Page.

Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to ask questions about the base…if you can’t tell I do actually enjoy talking about it :)