Ways to donate that don't cost you a thing!

Northwest Hospitality’s goal is to serve people efficiently and effectively while respecting the humanity, dignity, and autonomy of all the people we reach. To accomplish this, several of our programs use technology in creative ways to provide basic needs to people where and when they need them instead of requiring them to come to us for service. Our biggest need for most of these programs is donations to support the efforts because a lot of the actual work is done fairly easily and often electronically.

NWH has been supported since day one by a few incredible donors but there are several ways that you can support our programs that cost you absolutely nothing! :)

We currently have 20 people who have linked their Amazon account to Northwest Hospitality. Any time they shop online, they go to smile.amazon.com and Amazon donates 0.5% of their purchase to NWH!

Even with only a few people participating this has contributed $129.93 to NWH over the past few years.

6 families have linked their Fred Meyer reward cards to NWH and over the past year Fred Meyer has donated $65.23 of their purchases to support our mission! Search for Northwest Hospitality or use our ID number in their system, AX001, and link your rewards card today :)

Every little bit counts and if we can come together to take advantage of these programs they have the potential to add up and significantly increase the impact we can have in our communities.

Please let us know about other opportunities