Value Village FUNDrive Collection!

Get your Kondo on!
Get a head start on spring cleaning & serve a great cause!


From February 6 through March 6 we are collecting items for Value Village. Their FUNDrive Program will pay Northwest Hospitality for all the collected items when we turn them in at the end of our event.

Anything you can get together will be a huge help. Here’s an example of what we can do together:

$500 = 15 people x 10 bags each

$1000 = 15 people x 20 bags each

$1500 = 15 people x 30 bags each

To put that in context, $1500 will pay for almost all of the insurance we are purchasing to protect our volunteers and board members as we expand our outreach programs for our neighbors.

We will come pick up bags from you!

Contact allison@nwhospitality to arrange pickups around North Seattle or for pickups in Kitsap or surrounding counties…and he’ll work it out no matter how far away you are one way or another ;)

Find more information and check our progress live at

Please pass this opportunity around to everybody you know. It’s a big win all around :)

Thank you for participating!

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