NWH eBay Store

As a bit of a side-gig to supplement our fundraising efforts (we're going to keep this light and low-pressure), we've opened a small eBay store. We'll be auctioning off any items that we get kindly donated that might not do as well in the silent auction or raffle that we hold every year (This year's will be at The Royal Room in Seattle on September 29th).

NWH eBay for Charity Page 2018.png

Please visit our store, or find items on our website, and bid if you like what you see. There may not always be items available but we'll list them as we get them.

If you have items you want to use to benefiting our charity, you can actually list them yourself from wherever you are! Just use the advanced listing tools and search for "Northwest Hospitality" when selecting the charity to support about 3/4 down the page. You can also decide how much of the sale price to contribute, up to 100%. 

100% of the proceeds from our store will go straight to the nonprofit. 

Alternatively you can message us and we can work out how to pick up your items so we can auction them directly from our own store, it's entirely up to you.

The final auction value of any donated items will be recorded and included as a tax-deductible donation in the tax receipt we send out at the beginning of each year. We still have to work out logistics on that if you sell through your own store, I couple people will probably have to try it out before we can figure out how that works.