What are we putting in these hospitality kits?!?!

The program that got Northwest Hospitality started is our Hospitality Kits; way back before we discovered that the name Puget Sound Hospitality was already taken and made the switch. The kits haven't changed much over time but we've added a few things and made some improvements to our first aid kits in particular. We're also finally trying to get our Feminine Hygiene Accessory Kits rolling out.

Every so often we go back and take a look at how your donations are being spent to see how we can do things better.

Universal Hospitality Kits


Our latest figures show that we are currently spending an average of $6.82 on each kit. $1.27 covers the first aid kit supplies and the rest is spent on hygiene supplies and snacks. This $6.82 calculation factors in donated soap and socks. When we purchase these supplies, the cost per kit is $8.82, though we don't always include socks if we don't have them in stock. We also don't always include hand warmers; when we do they comprise over 10% of the kit's total cost which seems extreme for such a disposable tool.


Feminine Hygiene Accessory Kits

We would love to have your feedback on this project as we're about to get our first few feminine hygiene accessory kits distributed. These will be handed out much more deliberately than our universal kits as they are focused on a more specific demographic and are relatively expensive, though one might argue even more valuable.


We expect to distribute these kits with the universal kits when appropriate so there is no overlap in the supplies. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this kit, please get in touch!