Street Soccer Seattle

NWH is working on our networking skills. Today, after an hour of distributing hospitality cards and kits in Seattle, Anton met (and played soccer) with some of the folks over at Street Soccer Seattle. They meet at University Presbyterian with a mission to bring people living on the street into their program to help them learn life skills and offer a healthy, fun activity.

Soccer meshes teamwork, individual effort, and many other invaluable virtues that make it a great tool for improvements in many different aspects of life. Street Soccer Seattle has brought its team around the country for tournaments and always represents Seattle well.

We met after their practice about where the strategies of our two organizations might overlap and how we can help each other. For now they are helping to distribute a few kits and I've included cards about their community in the kits that will be handed out around the University District. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

Anton PreisingerComment