Breakfast with an old friend

I've been feeling guilty lately for neglecting a promise I made to one of my friends, Jared. When I was living in Lake Forest Park and taking the bus to work each morning, I would often find him across the street from where I got off the bus. A good relationship developed over time and I'd get him breakfast and chat pretty often. He has an apartment in Seattle but no job. He's also got schizophrenia which likely explains the lack of employment even though he's a great guy. With a close family member also affected by schizophrenia I feel extra close to Jared's struggle. It takes so little to end up in a situation over which we have no control, especially with a condition like that. This could easily be my own family or myself asking for handouts on a street corner to make a living.

When I was seeing him a few times a week I had said that I would take him to the library and help him get set up so he could learn some computer skills. It never happened and now that I rarely see him I have been thinking about it a lot. So I took a detour on the way to work from the ferry docks this morning and walked past his corner, he wasn't there but half a block away I was very happy to run into him. We talked quite a bit, got some breakfast and talked some more. He is such a great guy it is depressing to think of him in his position. After he got his breakfast we sat down and he asked a blessing over his food and extended his prayer quite a bit with thoughts for me and my family. Unfortunately, I don't think I will have much to do with getting him to the library the way things are working out beyond encouraging him to get it done. In an attempt to not lose touch again I asked him if he had a cell phone. He used to have one but lost it. My mind was put a little at ease when he gave me his address so we could keep in touch via snail mail. Hopefully after a while of sending letters (I'll have to remember how to write those things...) and harping on him to get to the library he'll get set up and start emailing. Who knows, maybe he could pull off an online job and earn himself a more satisfying living. When I met him today he told me that he had just finished after making $30 and not wanting to be "greedy" by begging more than he needs...

Kind of a short post but maybe it'll get me writing more frequently again.