TJ’s puppies, Teddy & Mulan

TJ’s puppies, Teddy & Mulan

NEW_UPDATE TJ is working to stay here in Washington and has found a property that is eager to help him renovate a room for him to stay in. This is a big opportunity for TJ and we’re looking forward to pitching in :) They expect the work to run about $2-2.5k. Our goal is to help with a bit of that and we’ll apply raised funds to materials and, perhaps, labor. If you know of any contractors out in the Spokane area who’d like to do some community work for cheap/free, put them in touch! :)

There’s a chance that TJ finds a trailer that he can park on a property over in Spokane for free. He’s looking at options and if we can help his with that then these funds may be directed to that purchase. One way or another, we’re helping him and his puppies out of his car!

TJ is a good friend we have had the pleasure of getting to know and support for the past year. He is currently living in his car with his dogs in Spokane but has decided to get back down to his family in Las Vegas while he gets things figured out.

We would like to help him get his car looked over before his trip. He knows that one of his calipers is frozen so that will be first on the list.

We currently have a goal of $500 but that may change as we learn more.

100% of donations go directly to getting TJ moved into a safer, healthier place for him and his pups; extra funds will be saved for future special projects.