Lent 2011 Part IV.V

Blake, Leslie and their beautiful, healthy 9mo old pit bull Iree (had to get the names down before I forgot them). After a dissapointing day in the lab I was happy I spotted these young travellers just before I stepped on my bus to head home. They appear to be travellers by choice, taking advantage of their youth to see the country. They are on their way down to Arizona to visit friends and thaw out a bit before heading back to central Oregon or back around here.

They decided they wanted to go to Subway which is quickly becoming my default place. If they hadn't had a dog with them I would have tried to take them to The Cheesecake Factory which is right near there but I didn't think that would work with their puppy. With a little arm twisting they both gratefully got foot longs and a pop. We passed the time waiting in line by talking about diabetes in general and a bit about my research. And I got to reassure them that there is nothing to be concerned about regarding nuclear waste exposure in the rain over here from the tragedy in Japan. Something they'd been somewhat worried about since they spend 24/7 outside...thank you sensational news outlets for giving these people one more thing to trouble over.

I will be praying that they get down to Arizona safely.