About Northwest Hospitality

Goals & Values

The main goal of Northwest Hospitality is to alleviate suffering and show compassion to all our homeless neighbors through simple, effective programs. We aim to encourage participation in other local services that can help bring people out of poverty. As we accomplish this goal, we serve our supporters by being a transparent, effective charity that embodies integrity and efficiency in both our programs and operation.

A Sincere Note

NWH proudly acknowledges that the people our programs aim to serve are in their current situation for many unfortunate reasons. From people just down on their luck to those affected by health conditions and disorders, addictions and criminal histories, our mission deliberately excludes any form of judgement. We are here to serve our neighbors - every last one.

We are not, however, blind to the challenges faced by our neighbors. Our program attempts to avoid enabling behaviors that negatively affect those we are trying to help. To this end, our hospitality cards are supplied by Subway so that alcohol and tobacco purchases are not possible. This is in no way intended to be mean-spirited; we hope that our neighbors are better served this way and that our donors can feel more confident in the help they are able to provide.