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You have a passion to serve our homeless neighbors and we have all kinds of outlets as well as the flexibility and tools to create change with whatever skills and goals you have. Get in touch with us and we will work with you to find the perfect way for you to contribute. We can always use blog contributors, grant writers, fund-raisers, or local Special Project Affiliates. And, of course, this is all in addition to the opportunities available if you want to get a group together to assemble and/or distribute hospitality kits.

Raise Funds

Northwest Hospitality is about as grassroots as you can get and the more people we have behind us the stronger we’ll be. Anything you can do to raise money that our communities can put toward our programs helps us reach more of our neighbors.

Please contact NWH before beginning a fundraising project so that we can coordinate it with you and make sure we have the information for your donors to receive tax receipts and everything is done according to our standards to take care of our donors.

Also, if you want your funds to be applied directly to an assembly and distribution project in your neighborhood we can absolutely do that. Again, just get in touch and we’ll work it out with you!

host a hospitality kit assembly party

Maybe the best way to get involved in the mission of Northwest Hospitality is to gather supplies and assemble your own kits. Get together with some friends, classmates, sports team, boy- or girl-scout group, church group, or any other willing friend and build some hospitality!

Follow our kit designs, or get creative and put together something personal. And please share your experiences with us through email or our contact us page, thank you!

NWH will send kit supplies to your group if we have any on hand or you can directly order kit supplies by donating to our Program account right here (every penny of your donation will go to supplying your group).

Number of kits

environmental hospitality

As NWH strives to include as many environmentally-friendly materials in the hospitality kits we help assemble and distribute, we continue looking for other ways to grow community and help our planet stay healthy. There are two great opportunities to support this outreach:

  1. Please get in touch and we will help you coordinate an event to pick up litter around and with the cooperation of a homeless encampment in your community.

  2. Northwest Hospitality has adopted one 2-mile stretch of roadway in Port Orchard through the county Adopt-A-Road program. We would love to add to this network of people cleaning their communities on a regular basis and encourage you to find some roads to adopt. If you’d like NWH to help out it would be our honor. The program varies in different areas but, in general, it only requires trash pickups twice per year at no cost to the volunteers.

Find upcoming Environmental Hospitality Events

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Advocate for special projects

Make a connection with a neighbor, discover a specific need, and NWH will help you reach out to find a solution. We will cultivate business partnerships for jobs, supplies, and resources, and we will provide you the tools to raise the funds necessary to directly respond to the needs of our neighbors. These tools include a webpage for your special project, a PayPal button option to donate directly to your cause, and tax receipts for your donors. You can assure your donors that 100% of their support will be used directly for your project because all fees will be covered by our operating expenses.

Get in touch today to start a special project!