special projects

Northwest Hospitality’s Special Projects are flexible, hands-on outreach and advocacy efforts that directly serve our homeless neighbors and take steps to keep people off the streets whenever possible.

Northwest Hospitality works with local affiliates, helping them with resources and nonprofit tools and experience to maximize their impact.


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Dental Services

Active vouchers and opportunities can be found below:

Participating Locations

Bremerton Homeless Community Coalition

BHCC is an incredible community effort in Bremerton led by Kimmy Siebens. Specific needs from the homeless community are met by Kimmy using funds donated by loving neighbors. Northwest Hospitality is hoping to include BHCC as an affiliate soon so their outreach can benefit from the tools we have available and our outreach can be strengthened by their community and passion as we hopefully grow together.

South Kitsap High School Student Advocacy

Northwest Hospitality is currently looking into opportunities for a program to support the students at South Kitsap High School where one of our Board Members attends.

We hope to set up a simple, helpful program that can be replicated at other schools throughout the state where there aren’t existing programs that we can support. If you are interested in advocating for homeless students at your school, please contact us!

facilities for all

Northwest Hospitality is working to install porta-potties in areas with high populations of neighbors living in the streets of Washington State.

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