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Dignity & Hygiene

Toilet Kits

Mark Lloyd has developed a great outreach in Seattle and was featured by NPR in August 2019 for his amazing work.

Supplies for these kits can be bought and distributed easily and they offer invaluable safety and privacy to people. Being able to go to the bathroom in peace helps people recognize their innate dignity which is so important for health and can be a helpful motivator to seeking out helpful resources.

We thank Mark for sharing his plans with us so we can share them with you and hope that we can reach more people through our network of thoughtful, active advocates.

Toilet Kit Supplies

We encourage you to reach out and directly provide these kits to people who ask for the help if you are comfortable doing so. If you would prefer, please donate below and 100% of the donations we receive (PayPal takes their 2.2% + $0.30 cut but we even try to offset that annually from our operating budget) will be used to purchase supplies which NWH leadership or our volunteers will get out to people who need a toilet.

Porta-potty Installations

No currently active services, if you would like to host a publicly available porta-potty we would like to help! Please get in touch by emailing anton@nwhospitality.org

Planned Locations

Each location costs roughly $150/month with service every other week (including hand sanitizer & insurance) and will serve dozens of people every day.

We need funds to get started so as soon as we have $500 in this account and several donors committed to supporting this special project we will get the porta-potty delivered.

  • Near Dearborn & I-5 in Seattle

If we get asked to remove services from any one location, we will use those funds to provide at a different location. NWH believes that everybody deserves a private, clean place to use the restroom; challenging these services doesn’t make sense to us because people are going somewhere regardless of available services.

In the event that we have no active locations but still have funds coming in, funds may be redirected to support our other programs but will never be directed toward operating costs. In other words, 100% of your donation serves our neighbors directly.