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Mattress for A Friend

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Cannot use regular mattresses or air mattress. The garage is nearly entirely full of garage things and storage. He was only given permission to sleep in an area the size of a body laying straight- so a thermarest size or yoga mat size. Also my non profit Their Voice provides all care for the dog. You can always donate to my non profit to help pets of the homeless.

I Finally found a homeless friend that I have been worried about - he is camping in a garage (with permission) and in very very bad shape. Cement floor, un insulated building. He has some severe medical conditions and I am worried for his LIFE. I have never seen him in this bad of shape, mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m asking for donations so I can go get a better mat (I’m giving him my yoga type mat)and an indoor propane heater. I have a nice rei sleeping bag from my boyfriend, a solar lantern from donations and water that I already have given to him. Luckily his secret santa had shoes and socks as his gift because his shoes were barely together with duct tape and as I got there his poor dog barfed all over the old ones and his sleeping area. He wasn’t staying at a shelter due to some discrimination issues that I also observed and I am very aware of. I have been trying to rectify that and I believe the person causing so many to have distress has been put on leave. I don’t know for certain so I’m not mentioning names/organizations at this time. If things don’t improve for our homeless I will cease trying to solve this internally and will share everything with my community here. Our public funds are used to assist shelters in the winter and making people so uncomfortable to the point they sleep outside and can die is absolutely unacceptable. Please help if you can. 

Later Event: December 20
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