bremerton homeless community coalition

We are a group of local community members who try and help the homeless on the days when these organizations are closed or on the days they don't provide food services.

My name is Kim Siebens and I have lived in Bremerton for about 13 yrs now. I have been an RN for 12 years. I have learned a lot about homelessness while being a RN.

I am the founder of a local non profit called Their Voice ( We have a homeless pet owner assistance program and provide pet food, supplies, and access to urgently needed veterinary care to homeless pet owners.

This is how I met many of the homeless who you probably see walking around downtown. I wanted to help them as well so I reached out to our community via Facebook to help collect money and supplies so we can feed the homeless on days when other local organizations are closed.

I made this page so I can list places where you can donate. Also - so we can tell you when we are planning to make food. You can donate money or supplies to help us provide food and/or supplies when needed.

100% of donations go entirely to these programs!
Specific special projects can be selected from the donate page and funds will only be used as you indicate

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